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  1. I have a brake upgrade set for Nissan Silvia,180sx, etc. Parts are from various Nissans including Skyline, GTR, Laurel, etc. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182738162812
  2. Hi all, I have some brand new, never used parts listed on Ebay. The auction is ending in 2 hours. 08:30pm East Coast time. Bidding is currently at $1.25 + postage. Ebay link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/182724884683?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 These parts are all brand new, never used and were originally purchased from a previous nissansilvia.com sponsor: www.driftshop.com.au If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
  3. Price : $100 Condition : New I have the following for sale: 1 x Whiteline BNF21Z Sway bar - 27mm heavy duty blade adjustable - $180.00 For details please see: http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail...t_number=bnf21z 1 x Whiteline BNR20XZ Sway bar - 22mm X heavy duty blade adjustable - $160.00 For details please see: http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail..._number=BNR20XZ OR $300.00 for both Pick up available in Stanmore, Sydney. Both sway bars can be sent via Pack and Send to most East Coast metro areas for around $35 each or the same price for the pair but please check for a quote. If buyer would like to organise their own courier that's fine too. 1 x D-Project Adjustable Rear Camber Arm Kit - $100.00 1 x D-Project Adjustable Traction Rods - $100.00 1 x D-Project Adjustable Toe Rods - $100.00 All Japanese made, high quality, steel. For more details please see: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=445799 OR $250.00 for all three Pick up available in Stanmore, Sydney. All D-Project items can be sent via Australia Post using registered or express. Ask for a quote. All items are brand new. I have only opened the packaging to look at them. They have never been used. All were purchased from sponsors on this site. Feel free to call me. If I don't answer leave a voicemail or send a text. Thanks, Rian 0422 153 744
  4. nissan v8 supercar revealed

    COTF requires a control chassis; all cars will be the same so the Nissan will be a rear wheel drive too. my predictions: Nissan will use an Altima body to coincide with the replacement of the Maxima in Australia in 2013. It will either use existing VH series Nissan V8s which will be tuned "under a parity system" to be similar to the other manufacturers or they will use just use Chev V8s. Chrysler will likely enter as well with the 2nd gen 300C which will use the same motor as the Commodores. Nissan will have one or two half decent teams in the first year with mixed results. They will be properly competitive the next year or two. Over the next 10 years there will be a shift towards a more diverse field that will eventually include V6 and maybe even 4cyl cars racing together in one or more classes. This will be a result of the public becoming more comfortable with smaller cars as V8 sales slide due to higher petrol and running costs. Many of the new smaller cars will have a road car equivalent made locally.
  5. I'm thinking of selling my S13 Silvia and opting for something european. I like the idea of an E30 BMW 323i coupe with an engine swap for something a bit sportier or a 325i coupe. I love the styling and the fact that they arent full of electrical gadgets i don't actually need, while being driver focused rear wheel drives. Has anyone owned something like this? Very keen to hear what it's like to own one. What to expect for parts (genuine, wrecker and aftermarket), what to expect for fuel consumption, common problems, etc. Looking to spend under $15k thanks
  6. Donating member link

    also waiting for the link. i should've just renewed on time....
  7. space savers

    the silvia would probably still be more stable if the space saver was on the rear and you didn't drive stupid.
  8. re: everyone complaining about quality of hyundai hyundai has actually been one of the most reliable car manufacturers for most of the decade http://www.usatoday.com/money/autos/2003-0...-cr-picks_x.htm
  9. P-platers ban

    ...double post...
  10. P-platers ban

    i also heard that people crash slow cars too. is this true? pls confirm y/n ?
  11. Na Silvias

    i've owned a CA18DE and an SR20DE and the SR is better in every way. it's more driveable, more powerful, more economical, newer and more reliable. don't spend any money on engine mods that you can't carry over to a turbo though.
  12. Nissan Silvia Indicators

    mine had the ones behind the front wheels and the bulbs taken out of the front corner ones. the other week I ripped out the crappy ones on the sides because the lenses twisted off and were crap. i covered the holes with electrical tape for now and put bulbs in the front corners. to me, it just makes more sense this way.
  13. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    spotted lewy a weekend or two ago going up kariong hill. i've seen you once before going through peat's ridge with an entourage of 180s and sils . i was in a black s13 with white rims. we waved / gave a nod. today i spotted a kid in a blue n/a s13 flying around my street and lake edge ave [central coast]
  14. Motorsport Goals for 09"

    1. skyline brake conversion 2. get more adj. arms, bushes etc 3. get a rough set up 4. get to a track for the first time and learn, learn, learn!
  15. Poll: Sega or PS3 install?

    most ps3 games are useless on a small screen
  16. i've always thought the paint on springs was like a plasticy/rubbery coating. Now that I think about it, that would make sense as the spring compresses and if it was enamel it would crack. does this sound right? not that you'd ever really see it anyway...
  17. pioneer headunit with mp3 and aux-in $150 pioneer 6" 4way speakers in the front $90 pioneer 6" 3way speakers in rear $80 sound damping through out $200 probably should've gotten splits but it's a cheap and effective set up. Has enough bass to make your ears hurt so i don't think i need a sub.
  18. i put a new head unit in my 86 barina a few weeks back. I think they only have one speaker in the front, up behind the glove box. I also found that one of the power wires [the constant or the intermitant, cant remember] had to be attached to the positive wire for one of the rear speakers [i think it was the right hand one]. sounds stupid i know but it's the only way i could make it work properly and turn on and off without losing memory [favourite radio stations, eq settings etc]. everything works perfectly now and it balances left to right properly.
  19. definetly not a useless new super car.
  20. can you get defected if you werent actually driving the car and it was just sitting on private property like the gym car park? and if it's your drift car does it matter if it's defected?
  21. Stop The Copy: An Argument

    but they pass the savings on to you! how can you say no!?