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  2. hmmm, not quite complimenting for a s14. sorry mate, but its personal choice
  3. Stereotypical driver busted for speeding...

    i was about to say the same thing! but still... what an idiot not really, most parts of welly road is straight and down hill! very easy to get up speed. also he would have been in excess of 130km/h to 140km/h. may have been a gtr and not a gtst as someone said as they are cheap as now and plenty around. so what if its over the power to wieght ratio. majority of members here own cars that are over the power to weight ratio. and many of us have disable the speed restrictor/limiter. the cops were too linient, they should have impounded the car for at least 3 monts (extenuating circumstances are present to bypass the initial 48hr impound period). then they should take him to court and make him have a massive fine (about 5k) as well as court costs and impound and towing fees. then they should take away his priviledge to drive for at least 12 months and also give him about 12 months of a community based order at may be the alfred hospital trauma ward to see first hand the damage road accident have to the human body and the emmotional trauma that follows. angelo
  4. In Need Of A 180sx Head Light

    +1 for holfords. they might just have the loom and plugs that you need instead of the whole unit
  5. good mechanix in melbourne

    GSB Automotive in glen waverly is good too - for all types of cars.
  6. who's going....

    for sure! to bulla. cos its cheap for me (monash uni has a chalet for staff and students) costs about $120 (from memory) for the week and you get discounted rental and discounted passes for the lifts!
  7. Here it is. It's very simple to cross reference and corroborate what this video says both with your own experience. An important aspect is joint preservation. Think about the years ahead and how your joints will wear over time. I thought about my own father having hip replacement at age 82 - now he's 85 and the last 3 years haven't been fun for him at all. I thought about Ronnie Coleman and how even after $2m of surgery he now can't walk. Of course I'm cherry picking and I'm building a case to justify training with light weights - however there have been periods where I have accidentally done this type of training and it had been very successful. I also did a lot of german muscle training for a while which, in fact, mimicks the lighter weight scenario talked about in this video. Knowledge is the key. They provide the tools for you to create something for yourself. This video contains some gold. I hope you all profit from it. Cheers, Buoy
  8. Hi I’m a newbie memeber ive joined because I discovered a specially made to suit blow off valve for the Holden cruze Sriv petrol turbo I purchased one off eBay about two weeks ago and it arrived yesterday and I installed it and its amazing so I have written a post about it and where to find one in hopes some one else in Australia who owns a cruze and wants to get it making that turbo sneeze blow off sound because I’ve never seen anything like it for a cruze in Australia and I was very lucky to come across it on eBay anyway i hope my post helps some fellow turbo cruze owners in Australia
  9. Hello fellow cruze Sriv turbo owners has anyone been looking for a bolt off bolt on blow off valve for the Holden cruze Sriv 1.4 petrol turbo well I was looking in eBay one night and I came across a forge made bolt on blow off valve for the cruze I’ve never seen anything like it in Australia so I thought I’d make this post for anyone else looking to get that turbo sneeze dose sound for there cruze it cost about $311 and it’s amazing I installed mine yesterday as it just arrived from the Uk after about 2 weeks it’s pretty loud sneeze sound all you have to type into eBay search is ‘forge blow off valve cruze’ and it should pop up to purchase I give it a 10/10 definitely worth the money and they are also very easy to install just remove the stock blow off valve and replace with the forge blow off valve take about 10-15 minutes if you really love your cruze you will froth over this blow off valve any way thanks for reading I hope this post helps someone get there cruze making some mad sounds when boosting
  10. Yea you are probably going to have to buy the entire plastic section below the cluster. Pretty hard to find these parts separately these days, they aren’t worth anything so people just chuck em, I have been trying to find plastic steering wheel trim for years now and I can get it without purchasing the entire wheel
  11. 10" NPC Clutch

    You probably wont be able to see ant cracks on the spot welds when you don’t have the pedal engaged and the welds pretty much just split apart. However push down on the clutch and the entire bracket will bend like a banana if the welds are blown. Fun fact - Replacing the bracket is a surprisingly painful. Good luck.
  12. Is this Data Retention Day Celebrated on a different date that rest of the world? And where else is it observed? https://www.vpnranks.com/best-vpn-for-australia/ I also use VPN for Australia for watching Netflix but didn't have an idea about Data Retention and it's day.
  13. Hi all, I've been searching for days and can't find a clear answer on this I've got a low-line spec r wing (the adm version) and want to convert it to the GT wing. Just wanting to know if the holes line up so there will be no drilling required, does the wiring require modification for it tofit and if there is a lot of work/cost involved? Your help is extremely appreciated! Cheers!! Giuseppe

    Quick update: I was in the area so popped into Circuit Italia to check out the progress. I could only get a view of a small section but it looks like most of the track has been graded/smoothed out and doesn't look far from being sealed. A lot of work has been done but it still heaps to go. I have no official time line but looks like it could be at least 6 months to 1 year away yet. If it is any sooner then GREAT! So cool to see it coming along. Took some photo's of what I could see. These are the two corners in the top right hand of the circuit (closest to MG Car Club Hill climb).
  15. The late Ben Simpson (aka dr1ft_pig13) Annual Memorial Cruise is now known as the Youth Suicide Meet & Awareness Cruise, we hope you can join us, a JDM representation would be awesome. The Olds Jules & Mark https://www.facebook.com/events/493501691130361/
  16. Hey guys, Sorry in advance for being a noob. Just got a question in regards to my 1996 s1 s14 and I wanna see if any of you champions can provide me with some of your insight. The car suffers from occasional yet extremely random engine cut outs. It is honestly so irregular I cannot seem to find a pattern or diagnose what is triggering it. Other than the car running slightly rich and backfiring it runs perfectly. Now on to the issue.. It has happened when I was idling, on the highway 90km+, cruising through streets at a steady speed between 20-60km/hr or on idle. When it occurs, the RPM and Speedo both drop to 0 but the engine stays running and there is no throttle response. When I put the car back into neutral the engine cuts out and I can crank it back over no issues at all. Its strange. Initially, I thought it seemed to occur more often when I was driving aggressively but it occurs occasionally when car is idling or driving low speeds. Now I have used the hairclip method to try diagnose any codes, nothing, even got universal comp scan from my mechanic mate, nothing. Everything seems to be in order, cant be an 02 sensor or anything if there is no codes. I have checked the alternator and battery with a voltage meter, both fine. I have checked most earths and cleaned some of them up and re-bolted, still no fix (Unless there are sneaky hidden earths somewhere I have missed). I have done some research and some blokes have had the same issue where 1 bloke found the problem to be a loose wiring behind the ignition barrel near the black box, and another suggesting it was the MAF. Could it be exposed wiring on the o2 sensor perhaps? Vacuum leak? What do you guys think?
  17. Short(er) car stands

    Im also heavily confused why you want to be less high? Generally you need to atleast get under the car? =/
  18. Looking for my old 180

    Holy moly, throwing down the big money with a $2000 spotters fee !
  19. Top Essay Writing Help Online

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  20. 10" NPC Clutch

    Cracks will appear on the spot welds that hold the clutch pedal bracket together (on the pedal bracket)
  21. SR20 Auto control unit

    Hi, We are doing a manual conversion and someone wants our auto gearbox. They would like the control unit as well. The car is a SR20DE auto. Are both the engine ECU and auto ECU in the passenger kick panel. Can the auto ECU be removed and the car run fine? I know we need to bridge the wires under the fuse box to allow the car to start? Thanks Chris
  22. Just wondering what the idle vacuum is supposed to be on a SR20DET. My car seems to float between -58 and -62 x 100kpa according to both my profec B and Defi gauge. No idea why some days it's -58 and others is more around -60 sometimes finding its way to -62 Cheers
  23. test: what group are you

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